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Yame-cha Promotion

【Yame Tea x Crown Shy x Kettl in New Yorkプロジェクト】
福岡県八女茶の輸出促進プロジェクトの一環として、「八女茶x NYミシュラン一つ星レストランマスターシェフJames Kent氏 xブルックリンの日本茶専門店Kettl 」のコラボレーションを企画運営。



"Yame tea Tradition, Modernity, Excellence" seminar @ Crown Shy on January 23. Michelin-starred Crown Shy's carefully crafted plates paired with Kettl's best selected Yame teas, organized by Canvas. Yame's famous, the best of the best, Dento Hon Gyokuro, was introduced, a mouth filling umami tea. Sparkling sencha was an eye-catching combination. We discussed about the future of the Yame tea, how it may transform non-alcoholic beverage category with a twist of an idea.

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